"I've known Johnny for seventeen years. I worked underneath him as a grounds man and then alongside him as a foreman up in the trees. When I first met Johnny, I was struggling to find a direction for my life. I had a lot of goals, but no way of realizing them through a livelihood. He just said to me one day,"So you wanna be a tree man?" Without fully understanding what that entailed, I went for it! That decision changed the course of my life. Johnny invested his time and vast reservoir of patience in training me to be an arborist.  The best thing Johnny ever built into me, however, wasn't tree climbing skills, but confidence in myself. I have been a climber for fourteen years now and have accomplished many of the things I once lacked the courage to pursue. I was and remain inspired by his passion for climbing and the excellence with which he executes everything he does. He is the best teacher I ever had !"
    ∼ Jeff Miller

“ John Cocca is a pioneer in the modern tree care industry. In nearly four decades he has put together a body of work that is truly inspirational. He has mentored countless individuals throughout the years, with many of them becoming very successful figures in the tree care community. Not only does he teach his students how to be better
 workers and climbers, he also teaches them how to be professionals. With so much experience in the field he has accumulated an abundance of knowledge that is unparalleled. For anyone that is looking to improve in any or all aspects of tree care I would highly recommend using John Cocca.”
    ∼ Travis Faerdy    Connecticut Arborist    Co Founder Mighty Oak Tree & Lawn Care


"During Johnny's 35 years of service, he built an entire career as a arborist and excelled in the skills of training others in the field of arboriculture.  He unselfishly trained future tree climbers through skills that he developed and educated them through field conditions.  His reputation grew within the community as an expert."
    ∼ Warren J.


"Johnny is the safest when it comes to tree work. He's definitely the best tree climber I've known. He taught me everything I know and I trust him 100%. He's like a father to me and I hope he teaches more people."
    ∼ Craig B.


" I highly recommend John Cocca as a teacher of the art of climbing and taking down a tree. My experience with John was as a crane operator in the removal of large and often dangerous trees. He always took precautions to make the process as safe as possible. He was always teaching the younger climbers he worked with.  He is a well respected person in his field and his teaching would be highly beneficial to the industry."
    ∼ William J. Schrade


Climbing Competition 2005


Team Work