TCS Climbing Programs

TCS Program #1

Day 1: Introduction: basic knots ; ascending and descending into canopy.
Locating power lines on property.  Inspection of trunk and root area for damage.
Enter the canopy after basic double rope technique discussion D.R.T. Apply 3 point position and lanyard use.  

Day 2: Still working within Program #1 - apply limb walking.
Discuss do's and don'ts.

This program is most beneficial on low key job or off site.

Group Discussion



Tie In Points

TCS Program #2

Review knots intended for use to ascend into canopy using D.R.T. system.
Proper use of chain saw, pole saw, hand saw, lanyard use.
Discussion on double tie-in points for position advantage.
Lots of limb walking

Double Tie In

TCS Program #3

Introduction to spurs which are the other aspect of tree work: Proper spur adjustment is important.

The use of different types of cuts will cause a variety of results: this will be discussed at length.

Use of rigging devices and slings.

Comparing old school to new school techniques.

Storm Sandy

Discussion Spur Work



TCS Program #4

Interaction with instructor during mainstream job.

We will be glad to adjust any program and schedules to suit your needs.  

Class requirements:

Certified hard hat, saddle, safety glasses, approved rope, double locking clip.